SABIAN B8 Pro 16″ Crash Cymbal used during 2010-2011 Stillborn era (Aura and Mihai’s band) and during Bon Jovi concert in 2012 – 50€

SABIAN Cymbal used during Kavarna Rock Fest 2014 (which Scarlet Aura has won!) – 50€

Scarlet Aura kick drum skin with the first logo (dedication can be personalized for the buyer)  (SOLD)

Scarlet Aura kick drum skin (dedication can be personalized for the buyer) (SOLD)

Paiste Cymbal – used on tours with Tarja Turunen (2016), Falling Sky (2016-2017), The Beast Within Me (2017-2018) and with Rhapsody Reunion (2018) – 75€

Zildjian 15” A CUSTOM Crash Cymbal – “Killed during the Scarlet Aura tour in China in 2018” (SOLD)

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