//The book of Scarlet – Ignition

The book of Scarlet – Ignition


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“The book of Scarlet – Ignition” is available for order!

The release of the latest “Scarlet Aura” CD – “Hot’n’Heavy” is accompanied by the publication of “The book of Scarlet – Ignition” (the first book within a trilogy) written by Scarlet Aura’ singer-songwriter Aura Danciulescu. In the book you`ll find the lyrics of the songs combined with the amazing story of “Scarlet” that alongside the album will drive the audience intro the amazing world of Scarlet Aura.

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“The book of Scarlet – Ignition” is available for order!

Aura and band explains: In “The book of Scarlet” alongside with the upcoming album, we are revealing to you true instruments that will get you to travel deep in our minds and hearts and discover us as artists, dreamers, lovers, haters, as humans but also by heart… By revealing these instruments to you, in the end, you`ll get to find yourself! So, we dare you to let yourselves go from the known reality and embrace the wild callings of your fantasy, our fantasy and become one, becoming a Scarlet!
The book is available as a paperback edition, signed by the author and additionally will contain “Scarlet Aura” sticker and bookmark with discount for  all “Scarlet Aura” merchandise (except vinyl).

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