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Q & A with Scarlet Aura

Interview for the Ladies in Rock (Hungary), 29/09/2017

The band Scarlet Aurora has been recently introduced in our magazine. This time we made an interview with the band’s singer, Aura Danciulescu so that you can learn a few things about her. Thanks to Aura for her answers!

When did you started singing? Was there a point in time when you decided that you wanted to be a singer?

I started singing when I was a kid. And I was singing so badly, terrifying actually for my parents that they decided to send me to vocal lessons. Now I know how to scream on the key 🙂 🙂 🙂
The moment I decided to become a singer came naturally after the vocal lessons and all this happened when I was 10 years old.

How did your family feel about your connection with singing? Did they supported you and your dreams?

They always supported me and they always let me to be free and that’s how I started to believe in myself and have my own goals.

Interview for the FC, 09/2017

Hi Scarlet Aura, we are Dominika and Pavel, the admins of Winter Storm Slovakia. We are very happy to have the opportunity to ask you some questions.

And I’m happy to be here for you and can’t wait to see you in person in one of the concerts in Slovakia.

You are a young band. How did you get to music? What was your inspiration?

Just like Romania as a nation, the Romanian music scene is “developing”. It has become a very good place to catch big acts from abroad, whether in concerts or festivals. Still, it is a rare event for a Romanian act to truly make it outside, and even more so when it comes to rock music. One of the rare stars is Scarlet Aura, the melodic heavy metal band. With many shows and fans abroad, a single out at September 1st and an album to come, they are ready to take on the world.

MG: As far as I know, you started in 2014, and already then the genre in which you play was crowded. You were not afraid to get lost among colleagues? Or did you know from the very beginning that you have some special feature?

Aura: Well, only listeners can make this decision. I believe that it’s not that we have that particular feature, but our whole project, our music, our attitude to the concerts and the whole thing, our energy is something new. It’s because, as I myself have noticed over all these years, we manage to keep this wild passion inside, it is the happiness that we experience, singing and composing our songs. This passion makes us unique on the stage and differs from other groups.