Scarlet Aura in the press


"Hail To You... has everything a traditional metal fan wants. Rousing rhythms and a chorus that you can sing along quickly. Aura's voice has gained a lot of expression. She sings emotionally, smoky, to the beastly screaming. The overall sound is powerful and bleak.



Without mentioning anything else we can say that Scarlet Aura offers above all an original sound that we do not "dare" to compare with that of other bands. Their melodic metal melted with hard rock but also with heavy metal strokes is really so cool. Aura Danciulescu with her voice crashed us to the wall, literally. One of the most interesting metal voices right now. Capable of so much sound power it does not go unnoticed. In short, Scarlet Aura is a band to watch out for...



“Hate is Evanescent, Violence Is Forever,” a song that snarls and bites from the get go. This is some of the most fantastic vocal arrangements yet in the album. Blistering and blinding.



“Leaving the Greek reality, of course, we will travel far beyond our Balkan neighborhood, and in particular the capital of Romania, we will meet Scarlet Aura, a band so new (not 4 years old) who makes the last albums Tool and the System of a Down to think they came out of the Middle Ages.” “... We're talking about crazy power with riffs that do not joke.”



“Hot'n'Heavy" has eleven tracks that exude a lot of power without losing sight of melody. Traditional heavy metal, power metal and symphonic metal are the three terms that best summarize the sound of the foursome. This means a solid and balanced base of bass and drums, screeching guitars, but also finger-deep solos and steaming, heavy riffs. All this supplemented by the quite impressive vocals of Aura. Fans of female voices in the world of heavy metal have another band to look.



"Hot'n'Heavy" is an outstanding album by a young and aspiring band. The album is very varied. Whether Power Metal, anthem or ballad, it offers everything that makes a metal fan's heart beat faster.





The Scarlet Aura album gives something special and relatively unusual in the female fronted scene, as it escapes from classical symphonic stereotypes and does not touch the "modern" extreme elements of our days. The combination of classical heavy metal with the modern melodic sound wants a lot of listening to if it gets used to it, but it certainly will not disappoint.



...The music is pure, European, power metal, mixed with some classic heavy metal riffs. All songs sound unique, the entire record flows nicely, Aura’s performance is great, as well as all of the instruments are tied up and mixed nicely when it comes to the production. The entire work is beautiful and maybe the most mature one Scarlet Aura have done so far...



"Hate Is Evanescent, Violence Is Forever" ... Nice introduction, imposing and nice marriage along with the keys. Amazing flow that sounds pleasant to the ears of every fan.



The album is testifying to its title, "Hot'N'Heavy". Melodic, rhythmic with loud riffs and beautiful solos.